Taurcon - Parcon 2006 - basic info

September 1-3, 2006, Neratovice, Czech Republic

This year's national Czech and Slovak science fiction convention Parcon will be held together with Taurcon, convention for all fantasy, history and mythology fans.

The program comprises of quality lectures and various entertaining side events. This year’s special topics for Parcon will be warcraft in the past and future. For Taurcon, the special topics will be urban fantasy and Jesus, his era and his legacy (heritage) for present.

Well-known Scottish author Ian R. MacLeod will be attending as a guest of honor, Irish fan Dave Lally, who's a chairman of European Science Fiction Society, and Kirsten J. Bishop, an Australian talent for world's SF.

Side events include a fencing show, a concert and movie screenings, as well as various games and workshops and much more. There will be a chill-out area available at the convention site, fast-food, a beer stand and a tea-house.

The Avari Association

The Avari association exists formaly since 2004, but we've been organizing conventions since 2001. We've got experience with smaller events first and in 2004 we started Taurcon oriented towards fantasy and history fans and topics. We helped to organize some other major events such as Parcon 2004 and Eurocon 2002.

We are 9 people with different backgrounds and occupations, from different parts of Czech Republic, connected by common interest, hobbies and friendship.

If you have any comments or questions, contact us at parcon@avari.cz, please.